MBA professional accounting students at networking event.

MBA in Professional Accounting


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Your path to the accounting profession.

With the full-time MBA in Professional Accounting, you’re only 14 months away from an MBA at one of the country’s top business schools, and being eligible to sit for the CPA exam. This versatile program allows those with no accounting background to transition into a successful accounting career. It also offers those with accounting undergraduate degrees the opportunity to study emerging accounting technologies while getting an MBA

Your Career Game-Changer

云顶娱乐首页网站An MBA after just 14 months of full-time study, eligibility to sit for the CPA exam, and preparation to take advantage of a world of business opportunities—these are the hallmarks of the MBA in Professional Accounting program.

Flexibly designed to provide undergraduates in the arts and sciences the opportunity to transition into an accounting career and those with accounting degrees the chance to study cutting edge accounting technology.

Program Highlights

  • Earn an MBA in Professional Accounting in just 14 months
  • Versatile program opened to all undergraduate majors
  • 66-credit, full-time day program with summer start
  • Eligibility to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam on program completion
  • Earn a Certificate in Audit Analytics with just one additional course
  • Access to comprehensive career counseling services
  • A modern, industry-informed curriculum with an emphasis on practical learning
  • Program partnerships with major accounting firms
Professional Accounting MBA student at networking event.

Preparing for Success

云顶娱乐首页网站As a student of the MBA in Professional Accounting, you have the opportunity to add value to your degree by pursuing certifications, studying emerging technologies and taking advantage of career management services that are part of your experience here.

MBA in Professional Accounting Students can pursue a with just one additional course.

Further, our Career Services office offers you a wide range of career counseling and resources to prepare you to launch an exciting accounting career.


Student & Alumni Voices

What was unexpected was the strong relationships I formed, the overwhelming support from the professors and staff, and my success both academically, and in finding the job that I wanted.
Stephanie L. Giordano
Alumni | Eisner Amper
I wanted to change careers, but I didn't want to be in school for years. I liked the idea that the MBA was 14-months long, and that it was designed for people who didn't have a business background.
Scott Lissner
Alumni | KPMG
This program was a game changer for me. In about two years, I went from leaving my job as a high school band director to now starting as an audit assistant at Deloitte.
Douglas Schwarz
Alumni | Deloitte
Student writes in class

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Faculty Spotlight

Yaw M. Mensah

Professor and Executive Vice Dean

云顶娱乐首页网站Professor Mensah’s teaching and research interests are in managerial and financial accounting, particularly in the areas of the evaluation of efficiency and productivity measurement, the financial reporting of non-profit institutions, and the use of accounting information in the capital markets.

06 Jan
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