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Center for Research in Regulated Industries

Promoting research, scholarship and education in regulatory economics

云顶娱乐首页网站 The Center for Research in Regulated Industries (CRRI)

The Center was founded in 1977 at Rutgers University. It aims to further the study of regulation by researchers in economics and finance, in academic and non-academic institutions.

The objective of the center is to promote research, scholarship and education in regulatory economics that have implications for public policy. Research and scholarship is promoted through conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, publications and research projects. The center has been funded by registration fees, publication fees, sponsorship and research grants.

云顶娱乐首页网站Research in electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, other network industries, and postal/delivery sector has been undertaken and promoted by the center. Examples of the types of topics within the scope of the center are: regulatory governance mechanisms, pricing structures, etc. The center has been responsible for the publication of numerous books and the Journal of Regulatory Economics, and has organized over 250 workshops, seminars, and conferences in the North America, Europe, and Asia.

Center Faculty & Staff

Victor Glass, Director, CRRI Scholar, and Professor of Professional Practice - Finance and Economics, Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick, Rutgers University
Menahem Spiegel, Associate Director - CRRI, and Professor of Economics, Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick, Rutgers University

Associated Center Faculty

, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and Senior Fellow with Resources for the Future (RFF)

Advisory Board

Luis Jimenez, Managing Director, Luis Jimenez Consulting


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Summary of Center's Programs

  • Journal of Regulatory Economics: 6 issues per year
  • Postal and Delivery Economics Program: 190-215 participants, 1 book every year
  • Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition: 30-50 participants
    • Annual Eastern Conference (East Coast U.S.): 70-90 participants
    • Annual Western Conference (West Coast U.S.): 70-90 participants
  • : series of books (51 currently published)
  • : series of books (9 currently published)

Journal of Regulatory Economics

云顶娱乐首页网站(JRE) (published bi-monthly):

The Center's Journal of Regulatory Economics is an international scholarly bi-monthly publication intended to provide a forum for the highest quality research in regulatory economics. It is published six times a year by Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. (formerly Kluwer Academic Publishers). It serves as a high quality forum for the analysis of regulatory theories and institutions by developing the rigorous economic foundations of regulation. Both theoretical and applied work, including experimental research, are encouraged. Research in all aspects of regulation is of interest, including the traditional problems of natural monopoly, deregulation, and new policy instruments, health and safety regulation, environmental regulation, insurance and financial regulation, hazardous and solid waste regulation, and consumer product regulation. The first issue was published in March of 1989.

Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition

云顶娱乐首页网站(held annually):

云顶娱乐首页网站The Workshop consists of three one-day meetings combined with a two-day conference in the Eastern U.S. and a two-day conference on the West Coast. It brings together practicing economists from industry, university, and regulatory commissions. Presentations at the Workshop and Conferences are directed toward practicing economists and are made both by industry researchers and by academics.

Postal and Delivery Services Program

云顶娱乐首页网站(held annually):

云顶娱乐首页网站The Center holds an international conference on postal economics and postal policy. This is the latest in a series of international conferences and workshops which began in 1990, sponsored by leading national post offices, express carriers, and consultants. Papers presented at the Conferences are published in the series of postal economics books. The latest of the series is The Future of the Postal Sector in a Digital World, edited by Michael A. Crew and Timothy J. Brennan, Springer, forthcoming 2016. This is the twenty-third book published from this program.

Contact Us

Center for Research in Regulated Industries
Rutgers Business School
1 Washington Park, Rm 1104
Newark, New Jersey 07102-3122
云顶娱乐首页网站 FAX: 973-353-1348

Michael Crew standing in front of a classroom

Celebrating the Life of Michael Crew

It is with deep sadness that we remember the passing of Michael Crew, Founding Director, CRRI Distinguished Professor of Regulatory Economics, and member of the Rutgers Business School faculty for 40 years. For more information, please visit our memorial website.